For 10 years Freddie Introduced & Performed in his own Concerts & Recitals. He also would entertain friends & family with Impersonations,Dialects etc. It is in this spirit that the following is offered…
1/Teacher Voice (supplied toVoice123 Agency )
2/The Midas touch (commercial)
3/The “Trouble with Geraniums” (Impersonation Poem-Prince Charles,John Cole,Tony Benn,Brigadier Langley-Spitting Image)
4/3 International News Items (Agency Work)
5/Voice I.A.B. (Commercial-supplied to Agency,Voice123)
6/Dialect Poem ” Tortoise & Hare” (Welsh,S.Irish,Scottish,N.Irish,Norfolk,Geordie,Cockney,Liverpool)
7/Army Life & Since (Biographical-Impersonations etc)
8/Bible Reading

9/Chester Cathedral Choir Demo