Although from a background of Singing & Choristership,it was after a Lieder Recital by Felicity Lott & Graheme Johnson that Freddie found a love of Lieder & an inner desire to Sing Schubert in particular, resulting in Vocal Training at Trinity College.

The following Tracks were Recorded at various stages of his Singing career…

SCHUBERT:  Six Songs  (with Alexis Affonso,Recorded in New Malden,Surrey)

1/Gute Nacht(Winterreise), 2/Wohin(Die Schone Mullerin), 3/Aufenthalt(Schwanengesang) 4/Der Lindenbaum(Winterreise), 5/Ungedult(Winterreise), 6/An Die Musik (Sung at Tenor pitch)

Schubert Pic

RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS:  Songs of Travel (with Howard Armen,Recorded at TCM London)
1/The Vagabond, 2/Let Beauty Awake, 3/The Roadside Fire, 4/Youth & Love, 5/The Infinite Shining Heavens, 6/Whither Must I wander, 7/Bright is the Ring of Words


BRAHMS: Four Serious Songs (with Steve Collings,Recorded at TCM,London)
1/Denn es Gehet ( Eccl.3/19-“One thing befalleth Men and Beasts-both must die…”
2/Ich Wandte Mich (Eccl. 4,1-3; “So I returned and considered  all things under the sun…”
3/O Tod,Wie Bitter…Wie Wohl (Sirach,41/1&2 “Oh death,how bitter…how sweet…”
4/Wenn ich mit Menschen (1Cor 13/1-3;12-13…”Though I speak with tongues of Men and of Angels”)

Brahms Pic